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Psychometric Assessment Tools

Having identified a market gap in digital tools for assessing learning difficulties
for preschool and first grades of primary school children, Inte*learn has strategically positioned
in the implementation, publishing and management of appropriate tools.

The main characteristics of these tools are:

They are digital

They are norm-based using reliable statistical analyses

They are recognized by the international scientific community

A large number of learning disabilities refer to language skills. Early detection of language difficulties in young children and respective intervention to handle with the situation, reduces secondary problems (anxiety, failure, behavioral problems due to low school performance).

Under this context, Λογόμετρο® – launched in 2017 – has an important role as it is the only norm-referenced digital battery for language assessment of Greek-speaking 4-7 years old children. It comes in three versions that focus on different assessment needs:

It is the only digital tool for the Greek language that detects the potential and difficulties of young children in the written and spoken language. It includes 24 tests that have been weighted nationwide on a large sample of children (900+) so that it can automatically compare the assessment result with children of a similar age and gender. The administration lasts approximately 60 minutes. A report with detailed results by skill (eg vocabulary, listening comprehension, etc.) is produced automatically immediately after grading is complete.

Suitable for preschool and first school age children 4 – 7 years old. It assesses the areas of phonological and morphological awareness as well as expressive vocabulary. These areas are important predictors for the early and valid identification of children with the possibility of Developmental Language Disorder (includes 4 tests administered in 5-10 minutes).

Suitable for preschool and first school age children 5.5 – 7 years old. It evaluates the most critical and reliable predictors for the possibility of the appearance of Special Learning Difficulties later in primary school, such as the performance of children in meta-linguistic skills (phonological and morphological awareness) but also their level of familiarity with the written word (includes 7 tests administered in 10-15 minutes).

Also, the company is preparing 4 more digital assessment tools.

The first 3 new tools assess attentional control in visual and auditory domains and visuospatial working memory. These tools are in the process of final checks before their release.

The 4th tool is designed to assess the vocabulary development of students aged 5-13.

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